Whether you live in the United States or not, this past week has been wild thing to experience. For that matter, the past 6 months has been crazy. Injustice has abounded. Unimaginable responses have ensued. Vitriol and violence seem to be at an all time high and the ever pervasive criticism, judgment, and hatred for those who disagree with you, multiplies daily.

What is one to do with it all? Should we say nothing and simply keep to our own business? Can we discuss our opinions with our family over holidays and meetings? Would it be wise to respectfully engage in civil discourse with anyone we interact with daily? Or should we stand on our platform (even if it’s social media) and proclaim our perspective as fervently and frequently as we can? And how is this all affecting our hearts? One statement often quoted in such situation actually comes from the mouth of Jesus:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” 

Matthew 7:1

While the culture around us certainly cast judgment and condemnation every which way, the challenge to my heart during this time is for the church. Those who are followers of Jesus Christ. Those who have been bought with His blood, purchased by His death, burial and resurrection. Those who now have a new citizenship, new family, and are being built into a temple of God. How are we interacting with each other? Thinking through these things is when I ran across Tim Challies article “The Church Is You, So the Church Will Be Like You“.

It was a challenge to my heart and internal dialogue. I hope it can be to yours as well. I am not saying this is all that needs to be said (far from it actually). What I am praying and hoping is that this article and more so the attitude it calls for begins to permeate the church at large. As Challies closes the article saying, “You choose day by day what your church community will be like, and you choose through your own behavior.”

Enjoy and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day. Leave me your comment or thoughts on the article – I’d love to further the discussion with you.