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What Did Jesus Teach About Politics?

The door creaked as I opened it and headed into the room. Before I could see anything, I could hear screams, laughter, and shouting. A ball went whizzing past my head. Music was pumping through the sound system. Over 30 middle school and high school students were enjoying life and relationships. It was my typical Wednesday evening for over 6 years.

When You Say Nothing At All

...that 30 minutes session of "learning" about 2nd graders newest priority and passion didn't cause me to become the newest spokesperson for Pokemon. Yet as I reflect on that night with my son, I can't help but wonder if adults do that very thing - especially followers of Jesus recently in regards to...

On Being a Political Christian

One issue I have observed during this political season among followers of Jesus is a tendency to one of two positions. I think both are deeply flawed perspectives.

Feature Friday (1/20/17)

A day where history will be made. A milestone for America. A potential change (for better or worse is still to be determined) for much of the world. A cause that will send a ripple effect into the near future... Continue Reading →

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