It was a Wednesday evening around 7:45pm. My wife and I had just finished putting all our kids to bed, except for our firstborn. It was his turn to stay up late and have some “mommy and daddy time”. It’s a practice we have started recently. Each mid-week evening, we allow one kid to stay up later than the others to have some focused time with mom and dad. This Wednesday evening was no different, except my oldest was dominating the conversation (more like a monologue) with his newest found passion…Pokemon cards.

He and some classmates at school had just started trading and exploring the world of Pokemon cards (honestly, I was a bit surprised because I thought that ship had sailed back when I was in middle schoolapparently not). He had some intriguing stuff to educate me on. He showed great passion. He obviously deeply cared about this new game. I stayed engaged. Asked questions and even made some statements. But that 30 minutes session of “learning” about 2nd graders newest priority and passion didn’t cause me to become the newest spokesperson for Pokemon. Yet as I reflect on that night with my son, I can’t help but wonder if adults do that very thing – especially followers of Jesus recently in regards to politics. Have we let other’s passions direct our priorities?

More than anything else, I fear we are letting the world’s priorities dictate what the church is most passionate about.

Kevin Deyoung

In his article, “When You Say Nothing At All“, Kevin Deyoung makes a reasoned argument on why saying nothing at all on certain subjects is often ok. There was much to take away and process from the article. The most helpful piece for me, was the 4 questions he poses to consider before posting joining the online banter. His fourth question cut to the heart for me.

What did you appreciate about the article? What did you struggle with? I’d love to hear and interact with you and what your thoughts are. But even if not, let me say this clearly, it is OK to continue doing the ordinary, publicly unseen things of life, in an extraordinarily well manner. The ones who need to see that will…and they will appreciate it greatly. As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Photo by Peter Pryharski on Unsplash