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Feature Friday (06/15/18)

Recruiting is part of leadership. In my context, there are always opportunities for recruiting new leaders. Some people have to step out of roles, others move away, and then there is always the issues of new roles being created. All of these instances make room for potential new leaders to step up. But how do we know who to ask and even more importantly, how do we ask?

When recruiting someone onto a team or to actually lead a team there are multiple ways one could “make the ask”. You could appeal by guilt: “you need to be serving, that is the right thing to do”. You could appeal by reward: “if you do this you will get a huge raise”. You could appeal through manipulation: “I would hate to have this affect our relationship if you did not help us out”. But I think there is an even greater way to ask.

John the Baptist was a great example of a leader, not just in recruiting, but on following. John knew that life was not all about him. He was merely a signpost to something and someone greater. The One John pointed to was an even better leader, you could argue He was the best leader. And man did He know to recruit. Which is why I love Michael Kelley’s article entitled “4 Words that Will Change the Way You Lead

Check out the article and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Feature Friday (04/20/18)

He was one of the best bosses I have ever had. Trevor (not his real name) was my first real boss. I had just turned 18 and applied, interviewed, and got the job. From my very first interview, Trevor treated me with respect, valued my feedback, and encouraged me throughout my time with the company. But that was not all. He gave me the opportunity to grow.

Being the youngest member of our sales team, I was often insecure and doubting my own abilities. Yet I constantly strove to perform well and serve our customers well. Trevor seemed to take note of all of this and constantly encouraged me (often publically) and provided plenty of growth opportunities. Throughout my time there, Trevor never gave up on me and often asked me what my future goals and aspirations were. Nearing the end of my time with the company he had helped me connect my passions and skills to not just the company but a bright future.

By the time I left the company and Trevor’s supervision, I had moved from being the newest sales member on the team to assistant manager. I attribute much of that growth, vision, and opportunity to Trevor’s leadership. As a leader of others now I value Trevor’s leadership that much more. And Michael Hyatt shares that “Better Bosses” is one of the three realities that will help keep top talent around your organization or under your leadership longer.

Check out the full article “What Top Talent Really Wants In a Job?” for the other two wants of top talent. And if you’re a leader or top talent what else would you add to the list?

As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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