Recruiting is part of leadership. In my context, there are always opportunities for recruiting new leaders. Some people have to step out of roles, others move away, and then there is always the issues of new roles being created. All of these instances make room for potential new leaders to step up. But how do we know who to ask and even more importantly, how do we ask?

When recruiting someone onto a team or to actually lead a team there are multiple ways one could “make the ask”. You could appeal by guilt: “you need to be serving, that is the right thing to do”. You could appeal by reward: “if you do this you will get a huge raise”. You could appeal through manipulation: “I would hate to have this affect our relationship if you did not help us out”. But I think there is an even greater way to ask.

John the Baptist was a great example of a leader, not just in recruiting, but on following. John knew that life was not all about him. He was merely a signpost to something and someone greater. The One John pointed to was an even better leader, you could argue He was the best leader. And man did He know to recruit. Which is why I love Michael Kelley’s article entitled “4 Words that Will Change the Way You Lead

Check out the article and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!