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Feature Friday (04/26/19)

Like so many others when I am unequipped to do a task, I turn to the old trusty teacher...

Feature Friday (07/21/17)

I had plugged my phone into the charger about an hour earlier and headed back downstairs to continue playing with the kids. When I came back to check on my phone's battery status as well as receive any messages I... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (7/14/17)

Vacation! Having just enjoyed our annual week of family vacation let me tell you; sometimes it's not all that it's cracked up to be. The kids still wake up early in the morning like they always do. They actually wake... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (06/23/17)

Every family has them. The one child or parent that seems just a bit more OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) than the rest of the family. Fortunate for me, I am that person when it comes to having things in their... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (4/28/17)

Culture. It is this weird sometimes nebulous, sometimes very precise reality. There can be cultures within culture and there can even be times when culture seems universal. It's funny how we talk about culture. When we are in elementary school... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (8/21/15)

A new school year has begun. With teaching responsibilities that means I am getting back into that school year routine. It means I have a new batch of students to teach this year. It means a new textbook. It means... Continue Reading →

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