I had plugged my phone into the charger about an hour earlier and headed back downstairs to continue playing with the kids. When I came back to check on my phone’s battery status as well as receive any messages I may had missed, I realized a grave mistake I had made. While I had plugged the charger into the phone, I had made the assumption that the charger was connected to the power outlet. Needless to say, I was poorly disappointed when I found out my phone had not charged at all in the last hour because I was disconnected.

As we saw last week, disconnecting can be good, rejuvenating, and probably much more needed in today’s “connected” world than every before. However, the reality is if we disconnect from relationship, people, and community bad things can and do happen. So how can church leaders and Christ followers stay connected during the summer months of disconnection?

Thankfully, Brady Shearer and the team over at Pro Church Tools have provided a really awesome guide to stay connected. In their post they give 7 Social Media Templates for Churches. These are awesome ways to stay connected as a church family while everyone gets a little disconnection to rejuvenate during summer months.

Enjoy the templates and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!