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Feature Friday (08/31/18)

"It needs to have a name". This was a statement recently made by a co-worker of mine in a conversation about some new initiative we were discussing. He went on to talk about how naming things is important and will... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (07/13/18)

It was a convicting moment. Reading good books can do that to you. You're reading another story, captured by the characters and situations when all of a sudden the author turns the corner and reveals his principle and it hits... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (5/26/17)

So much power. So much control. So much influence. What has all three of these things? What can control how people act? What can influence how people respond? What seems to have an uncanny power over relationships? Words! They are... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (3/3/17)

Words can be confusing. The English language is a difficult one. Do I use "their" or "there"? What about "conscious" or "conscience"? There are a lot of words and the meanings can differ slightly in light of context and usage,... Continue Reading →

Social Media: How it affects us (Words) Social Media affects everything. It is everywhere in our world: at home, at the store, at school, at restaurants, at work, and in our pockets. Social media is with us and around us all the time. The truth is…IT... Continue Reading →

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