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How Should a Christian View the Government? (12/02/22)

Some might say parenting. Others might say religion. However, there is one topic that almost everyone can agree on that seems to conjure up an argument and disgruntled discourse quicker than Usain Bolt can get down the track.

What Did Jesus Teach About Politics?

The door creaked as I opened it and headed into the room. Before I could see anything, I could hear screams, laughter, and shouting. A ball went whizzing past my head. Music was pumping through the sound system. Over 30 middle school and high school students were enjoying life and relationships. It was my typical Wednesday evening for over 6 years.

Mindset List (Feature Friday 02/21/20)

There was an unusual buzz in the hallway between first and second periods that morning. As I headed into my freshman English class I was struck by the oddity that my teacher had the TV on. Not only was it... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (4/28/17)

Culture. It is this weird sometimes nebulous, sometimes very precise reality. There can be cultures within culture and there can even be times when culture seems universal. It's funny how we talk about culture. When we are in elementary school... Continue Reading →

Feature Friday (2/6/15)

As a parent I am deeply concerned that my children grow up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. And to accomplish that I understand it will be first and foremost and only because of the grace of God.... Continue Reading →

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