Funny how quickly an argument can start. You know the scenario. You and a group of friends or family are hanging out. All is going well. People are laughing, talking, and generally having a great time. Then it happens. Someone brings up a subject that you know there are various perspectives on in the room. One of those topics that once brought up, cannot be put back in the bag so to speak. If I were to ask you which topics you’d name under this category, what would you say?

Some might say parenting. We all know that is one area that just seems off limits to discuss and offer suggestions to others unless otherwise asked. Others might say religion – especially in a culture that deeply believes faith should be private and personal. However, there is one topic that almost everyone can agree on that seems to conjure up an argument and disgruntled discourse quicker than Usain Bolt can get down the track. That topic is government.

The biblical view of government is admittedly a nuanced one.

Paul Carter

As if family gatherings weren’t awkward enough, bring up politics or government and things can quickly take an even crazier turn. But what is government? How should we think about it? Is it good? A necessary evil? Thinking about government and its role is difficult enough on its own, to do so as a follower of Jesus seems to add another layer. This is why I enjoyed Paul Carter’s 4 points in “How Should a Chrisitan View the Government?” and I hope you do as well.

Paul’s third point seems to be the one perspective on the chopping block more than any others. But which point did you agree with? Any you disagree with or believe Mr. Carter may have missed the mark? I’d love to hear your thoughts and input. And as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

Until Next Time…

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash