JeremiahSo I know most of you are expecting some sort of Christmas feature this Friday, but I am going to disappoint you. I recently have been reading through a book I recommend entitled, The Most Misused Verses in the Bible by Eric J. Bargerhuff. It is a quick, insightful, yet challenging book on how we (western Evangelical Christians) often apply every verse of the Bible directly to us. But in light of reading that book, I would like to share with you a recently-written blog post on the same topic. “Jeremiah 29:11 is not about you” is a short, concise post and challenge to us all. It calls us all to refrain from applying God’s Word one-for-one too quickly to our lives. And if you have not gotten that final stocking stuffer for yourself or other readers in your family, The Most Misused Verses in the Bible could be that fit!

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!