Jamieson PrayingEver since I got married, I was looking forward to the opportunity and privilege it would be to be a dad. I wanted to teach my boys how to throw balls, dig in the dirt (although they seem to learn how to do that pretty naturally), and have fun in life. I wanted to teach my girls how a man should treat them, to take them out on daddy/daughter dates, and treat them like no other man ever will in their lives. However, by far the greatest goal I have as a father is to prayerfully point my kids to Christ. I want to teach them how to love God and love others and family devotions is a piece of that puzzle. But how does one do family devotions? Growing up in a family that did not do formal family devotions and having a wife whose family did more formal devotions, I always had the nagging question of how should a dad lead his family in devotions? In steps Don Whitney with a great little four minute video on “How to Do Family Devotions“.

Enjoy and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!