Mistakes. They are a fact of life. They happen everyday. They are inevitable. But most mistakes are avoidable. Not filling in an answer on a test because you went to fast. Getting that letter back in the mail because you failed to put a stamp on it. Sharing your insurance information with a stranger simply because you looked down at your phone for a split second. Routine daily mistakes are avoidable. And luckily most of them are not that costly.

However, there are many mistakes that end up costing more than we ever expected. The most costly mistakes deal with relationships. This list of “Top Ten Mistakes Christian Parents Make“, is something I desire to avoid as a future parent of teens, yet see far too much of as a Student Pastor, especially #1, 4, & 9. Parents, simply slowing down, evaluating daily choices and decisions, and having family priorities and values can help cut down on these mistakes. You will never avoid mistakes all together but, my prayer for myself and other future and current parents of teens is that we wisely choose which mistakes we will avoid at all cost.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!