Are we there yet? I remember uttering this phrase countless times as a child. Those words came out of my mouth most frequently on long trips to grandma’s house. In those days, I could not wait to get to where we were going. All I thought about was the destination.

Now as a father of an energetic talkative 4 year old, the phrase “are we there yet” is a bit irritating. It’s not that I don’t understand or can’t relate, I still love getting to our destination on trips, but the older I get, and the more trips we take as a family, the more my mentality shifts. No longer do I care only about the destination, but now I simply look forward to the journey as well.

The same can and should be said of salvation. The problem is we tend to talk about salvation as simply a destination to arrive at and not a journey that we are on. As Bill Hull points out in this week’s Feature Friday, “the New Testament speaks of salvation as both an event and a process—a journey.”. Check out the rest of the article “What Does It Mean to be Saved“.

As always, be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!