Discouragement. Disappointment. Depression. Despair. All emotional states we try to avoid, yet realities we all experience. Sometimes these states last longer than others. For some these states can linger for years even decades. They can be brought on by external difficulties or internal fears. But the truth is, they are not states any of us desire. So how do we handle them? How do we break out?

Now, I don’t want to minimize or trivialize the reality of extended times of discouragement, disappointment, depression, or despair. Nor do I want to portray the solution as a simple “look to Jesus” band-aid. But Josh Hedger wrote a fantastical piece when he “was in a 3-week span of much discouragement and despair. His heart was riddled with doubt and fear and his disposition dripped of frustration.  It seemed like one thing after another had gone wrong.”

Check out Josh’s article “Theology 101 From My 2-Year-Old“. And as always enjoy being with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!