We had decided to run a half marathon together. My wife had never done much long distance running before, but she had a goal to finish that 13.1 mile race. I had been a runner in college, but had not done much longer distance since then. And to top it all off, we had just had our first child 3 months earlier.

We had all the desire in the world. We had a detailed training regimen. But when it came down to it, we still needed to actually train. All the desire and devices in the world won’t actually do the training for you. You must still exercise. The same is true in our spiritual growth. We must exercise to grow. But what are the Practical Spiritual Exercises we can do to grow spiritually. Bill Hull lists 7 exercises to help us grow spiritually.

I pray that as you grow, a part of that growth is done with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.