Michigan State. Gymnastics. Doctor. Cover-Up. All of these have been highlights of the news this past week. The story and history behind the Nassar trials have been revealing and devastating all at the same time. Revealing to show what has been going on for quite some time and devastating to realize the guilt, shame, cover-up, and harm done to so many young women. But at the heart of the case, the story, and the crimes is the issue of human dignity.

As a father, the unfolding story of what Dr. Nassar was able to do under the watch care of a public university is disturbing. But even more so it emphasizes to me the importance of speaking about and teaching my kids concerning human dignity. This is where Tim Challies article “How to Talk to Your Kids about Human Dignity” comes in.

While the article was written over 3 months ago it seems even more relevant in light of this past weeks events. Take note, engage, and process this article and as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

*Photo by Eugene Lim on Unsplash