Having just portaged our canoes, packs, and gear across the dry ground for the last mile, the lunch break we had was perfectly timed. We only had one more large lake to cross until we were at our campsite for the night. All had gone well and we pushed out into the lake for a couple more hours row. We were experienced, confident, and sure of our path. But that is when it all changed.

A storm blew in quickly. Rain began to fall heavily. The wind picked up violently. Danger was in store. And danger is what we got. Rowing into the wind, over a half mile from the nearest shore, and with our buddy canoe out of earshot, danger hit! Capsized in 42F water was a life-threatening, dangerous situation. But what made it worse was we were not expecting it. We had not seen the danger. That was the problem.

The same is often true in life. We gain some experience, become confident in our ability, and are certain of our path. Then danger strikes. It is true in driving, parenting, leading, marriage, and it can even be true in studying theology. Which is why Chuck Lawless’ article, “7 Dangers to Studying Theology” is a must-read.

If you are a follower of Jesus, especially a pastor, ministry leader, or someone who takes great measures to understand your faith, please take the time to read the quick 7 points Chuck makes here.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Photo by DDP on Unsplash