He had been so excited to wear it. The weather had just turned cold enough for winter coats and that morning he had thrown it on with joyful exuberance. The last thing I saw was a beaming smile as he strolled into his school. The next time I saw him was with head low and tear-filled eyes. What happened? One word – kids.

Children can be brutal on one another. While my son was excited and joy-filled to wear his new coat into school it seems his classmates were not so thrilled about his new attire. Apparently, throughout the day multiple classmates made fun of his “puffy” coat and had less than positive remarks about it. Kids are brutal. This is why parents have such an important role in how we use our words for our kids. I appreciate Candace Wynn’s article “Planting Seeds of Truth for Your Kids“.

I have come to realize and am still learning just how big my words are in the ears and hearts of my children. I hope this article encourages you to speak the truth in love not just to your own children, but to any child you have the privilege to interact with regularly.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day and I’d love to hear what else you’d add to the important list of seeds needing to be implanted in our kids.

Photo by Kat J on Unsplash