Anyone who knows me realizes my borderline obsession with all things Ohio State. I grew up in the Buckeye state. I cut my teeth watching Ohio State University football games. I even endured some years of turmoil and uncertainty as the university and football program recovered from some “less than positive” circumstances. And yet I remained a supporter of OSU.

Then the clouds broke open and Urban Meyer was hired as the Ohio State University football head coach back in 2011. For a long time fan, the return of Meyer to his home state seemed like the stars were aligning. And boy did the stars align. 2011-2019 were some of the most prolific years for the OSU football program. So it was like dark clouds rolled in and an everlasting storm would remain over Columbus, Ohio when Urban announced his retirement back in January of 2019. However, it proved to be a crucial leadership lesson for anyone watching…

…people close to a leader pay a price, too. Sometimes a heavier price.

Oswald Chambers

Eric Geiger walks through one lesson to be learned from watching Urban Meyer and the situation of his retirement. His article “Urban Meyer, Oswald Sanders, and the Pain Leadership Can Bring Your Family” walks through an often realized, but under recognized reality of leadership…the price of leadership on a family.

I pray that if leadership in any capacity ever gets to a point where the pain on my family outweighs the privilege of leading I follow in Meyer’s footsteps. I hope you enjoy Geiger’s insights and I’d love to hear your thoughts (unless of course you’re just going to make some joke concerning “that team up north”). As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

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