There have been many proud moments I’ve enjoyed as a dad. The first time my kids rolled over – proud moment. The first time they each uttered “dada” – proud moment. When my son first threw a ball to me and it was on target – proud moment. The list could go on and on and on (and my oldest is only 7)! But there are other moments that remind me of what’s really important.

You see, early in our marriage my wife and I sat down and wrote out some family values. We wanted to clearly communicate and capture the culture we were aiming for and desired before the up’s and down’s of life began to rock us. And when those “rocking” moments have hit in life, these values have proven to be an anchor for our thoughts and responses. And underlying all of them is big theology.

While this might all sound intimidating to the average mom or dad, teaching our children theology doesn’t need to be complicated.

Jessica Robyn Provencher

Theology can be an intimidating term and provoke thoughts of flannel board and stiff pews. But the reality is theology is not stuffy, boring, or irrelevant – despite many attempts to make it such. Truth be told, theology is something grand and comforting, relevant and encouraging. Which is why it not only should, but must, be learned and rooted in at a young age. That is why I loved Jessica Robyn Provencher challenge – “Parents, Your Kids Need Big Theology“.

The problems of life are big right now and as kids grow up the realities of life just get bigger. So Provencher’s article is a timely reminder that our theology (and the God it seeks to understand) must be bigger. #2 on her list is huge in our house. What suggestion did you enjoy most? As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!