Every Sunday evening my wife and I sit down to go over our families schedule. We started doing this a few years ago when our first child was heading into kindergarten. Between my evening meetings, her nights out, and our sons school and other activities, these planning sessions are crucial. They were not just times for us to get on the same page with our plans, but also remind ourselves of and align with our priorities.

We have many priorities as a family. One of those priorities is helping our kids love the Lord. We want to see them come to know, follow, and tell others about Jesus. A core aspect of growing that love is helping them know who that God is. Thankfully for us God has made Himself known through His Word, the Bible. So we want our kids to develop a habit of Bible reading.

“…without a plan, it’s not going to happen”

David Murray

This is the truth we have found as our kids are getting to the age to read on their own, it’s not just about intentions, but also about plans. So how can we help our kids get in the routine of Bible reading? David Murray sets up a great solution in his article, “How to Help Your Kids Establish Bible Reading Habits“.

Murray lays out a 3 step process to help walk through establishing this habit. Number 3 is the one I think is often overlooked and undervalued, so I appreciated it’s inclusion. Would you add anything to David’s suggestions? What have you found to work in your life for developing habits? As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!