Have you ever thought of doing something only to realize you didn’t know how? Maybe it was a project around the house, like remodeling a bathroom or bedroom. Or maybe you’re wanting that delicious coffee cookie but aren’t sure where to start. It might even be learning about how electric cars produce propulsion. There are numerous things in life we would like to do or know, but all too often it comes down to a lack of know how.

Thankfully in the information age, we live in there is little we cannot find out without the click of a button. Want to know how to remodel a bathroom? There are numerous home remodeling websites with blueprints and instructions. Want that yummy cookie? There is Pinterest with a plethora of recipes we can try. Want to know about electric cars? Google can deliver on that. And for almost anything there is the visual learner’s greatest asset…Youtube.

Maybe COVID kept you home. Maybe the cares and concerns of life drug you away. Perhaps there was a prolonged illness, or you became the care-giver for an aging parent or ailing spouse.

Craig Thompson

The internet and Youtube is a DIYer’s best friend, especially when you don’t know how. Just like remodeling a bathroom or baking cookies, sometimes the problem is not knowing what to do, but how to do it. This may be the reality when it comes to the issue of church. You may say you know going to church would be a good thing, the question you may have is how? This is where Craig Thompson’s “5 Steps to Connecting (or Reconnecting) with a Church“, can help. In it Craig outlines 5 simple steps we can take to connect or in some cases reconnect to a church.

Maybe reconnecting with a church is something you’ve struggled with post-COVID. Maybe you never really were connected and would like to or have been invited to do so. If you’re asking the question “how”, check out the article and choose 1 step to take this weekend. I’d also love to hear one thing you learned how to do and how you learned to do it.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day!

Until Next Time,