Node-Christian-Education1-large1Education: there are so many forms of it today–public, home school, Christian, private, adult, special, informal, primary, secondary, higher learning, and the list goes on. With so many choices, how do you know the best option for yourself, your children, and your family? I am not one that thinks there is a one-size-fits-all mold for education. However, I do believe as a follower of Jesus Christ, that any education we undergo ourselves or in which we place our children should be Christian. I have not been arguing that every set of believing parents must put their children in a Christian school or they are sinning. No! This series was not about why you should send your children to a Christian school. Far from it! Instead I hope I have helped you frame your thinking about what “Christian education” really is and is not. Over the last number of weeks we have discussed the many aspects of Christian education. This week,  I want to simply summarize all the discussion on Christian education.


Christian education may come in many sizes, shapes, forms, methods, and times of life, but one thing is sure—if the education is truly Christian it will be focused on Jesus Christ and growing individuals to become more like him. The whole point of Christian education is not to make people knowledgeable about the Bible, although that will happen. It is not to make a nicer, cleaner, less criminal society, although that may happen. It is not even to cause families, communities, and nations to be more concerned for each other and the needs around them. The point of Christian education is to cause people to love and value Christ so highly that they become more like Him day after day.

Throughout the educational process many things will change—the content distributed, the methods utilized, and the individuals involved—but one thing must remain the same for education to be recognized as Christian. The goal of forming individuals into the likeness of Christ must not change. The goal and purpose is what sets apart any educational program, philosophy, or practice. Only with Christ likeness as its purpose and mindset should any individual or institution claim to be performing Christian education. The only true Christian education focuses on God, forms people into Christ likeness, and looks forward to an eternity spent with Him.

I hope you have enjoyed this series on Christian education. More than that, I pray that you have been challenged in your thinking about and carrying out an education that is truly Christian in nature. Whether it be in your home, classroom, church, or other social setting, may all the education in your life be truly seeking to be Christian. Remember, Christian education flows in every way out of God’s Word as mature believers model and mentor younger believers to spiritual maturity. In case you missed part 1 of the series: Christian Education: Definition and Goals, or part 2: Christian Education: the Teacher, or part 3: Christian Education: the Student, or part 4: Christian Education: the Content, or part 5: Christian Education: the Methods, part 6: Christian Education: Various Philosophies, or part 7: Christian Education: Evaluation, check them out here. Thanks for being part of this series with us!