“Only a minute?!!!” This is what my wife regularly asks me when I come home after going back to my office to quickly grab something I forgot. What she is really saying is, “that was way longer than a minute, what took you so long?”. My typical response is…”I saw someone and we had a conversation”.

I love conversations. I love chatting it up with people. I love asking about their lives, our commonalities, and current news. And “having a conversation” has become all the rage in the Christian world surrounding controversial topics. However, there is a subtle yet potentially dangerous undertone with “having a conversation”.

This article cautions us this way…”We want to have conversations, but we want our ideas, including our ideas about what the Bible should say, to hold the same authority and weight as the scriptures.” Please take time to read the article here and feel free to leave a comment for further conversation.

As always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!