Introducing Calla Ann. She came into the world this past Tuesday evening October 11th. While having a child is always stressful, joyful, and changes everything in life (at least for a few days) it is an awesome experience. It reminds me constantly of the joy, privilege, and great responsibility parents have.

Yet all too often I can view parenting as a drudge rather than a joy and awesome responsibility. More often than not the drudgery comes when I have my eyes fixed too closely on the here and now rather than on the long term. It is times like these that resources like Crossway’s: Parenting series have been helpful. My wife and I have been watching one short 2 minutes video each evening as we head to bed and they have been the added encouragement we need right now.

So head on over to and enter your email and sign up for their 14 day parenting in God’s way journey with Paul David Tripp. It is an excellent and timely resource for us and I pray it will be for you as well. And enjoy the weekend with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.