Tug of war. Remember that game? As a child it is a fun game of back and forth until someone finally outlast and out powers the other. But imagine an eternal game of tug of war? Sounds exhausting right? Reality is there are many truths of scripture that exhaust my mind in an everlasting game of mental and theological tug of war. One of those issues is the love of God and the reality of hell.

Definitly not a popular or well thought of doctrine, hell nonetheless is a biblical truth and reality. But how do we reconcile the doctrine of hell and the love of God. Randy Alcorn steps in not to finish the game of tug of war but instead to help ease the tension of our minds and hearts while playing the game. “God’s love and the doctrine of hell: the two doctrines are in fact compatible in the mind of God. And it is His mind, not ours, which is the source of truth.” Read Randy’s article here and be encouraged and challenged!