Time to come inside“, my wife yelled out to our kids as they and I were enjoying snow day activities. Dutifully, our kids began trudging their way through the snow filled yard to our front door, yipping and laughing as they went. Our middle child frolicked into the front hall screaming in excitement from the joy of having played in the fluffy white stuff for over an hour. Our two oldest bounded into the entryway shortly after her. It was at this point I asked my son to join me back outside while his two younger sisters remained inside. My son wondered what he was about to have thrust upon him.

As he turned and faced me, all I said was, “Son, why don’t you stay out and help me finishing shoveling our driveway and a of the neighbors driveways, as well.” I was asking for his obedience to enter into labor, hardship, and difficulty. With a boyish grin of excitement he quickly picked up his pace and ran to my side. He wanted to remain with me regardless of the labor that we were about to do. It was one of those occasions where my son wanted to obey and I expected it. Why? Two reasons: 1) he is my son and 2) I was providing him with a shovel to perform the task.

We’re justified apart from our own obedience precisely to become obedient sons and daughters in God’s worldwide family.

Michael Horton

This week I was reminded why we too need to accept the reality that God requests, nay, requires obedience from us. God is a heavenly Father to those who enter into a relationship with Him by grace, through faith, in Jesus Christ. And as a Father He too requires obedience in that kinship. Michael Horton reminds us that is not wrong or bad theology that “God Requires Obedience for Salvation“. But don’t be fooled, it’s not what you think. Just like my expectation of obedience from my son, God requires obedience because of the relationship and by supplying all the resources for us to do so.

All I did was provide my son with a shovel. God has provided so much more to enable me to obey every command He requires. What an amazing reality. What God requires, He supplies. I’d love to hear what you think of the article. And as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day!

Photo by Anna Hill on Unsplash