“Your cup of water is right there, buddy”, I told my 4-year-old. He stood there, dripping sweat like a waterfall after a good rain, bemoaning how thirsty he was. He demanded a juice box. The dry, arid space that was now his mouth, longed for a refreshing, life-giving, thirst-satisfying drink. What it really needed was water. What he really wanted was a juice box. This is where the problem resided. What would satisfy his thirst was offered and available, the problem was it was not what he desired.

Ever had that experience in life? It could have been regarding a job. You know you need one, have applied to countless opportunities, and even interviewed for a few positions. Finally, you get a callback, a job offered to you, but the issue is, that’s not the job you wanted most. So you bemoan to your family and friends how it seems you just can’t find a job. You complain that finding a job seems impossible. Yet you know, the very thing you long for, that which can satisfy the need you have (income), is available to you, just not in the way you want.

God’s grace is waiting to pour out through specific means.

Chad Harrington

The same is true regarding the grace of God. Receiving God’s grace is not a tricky or hidden formula. God offers His grace freely to all (Romans 6:23). And He does so through specific means, first and foremost through His Son Jesus Christ. God is not walking around like some Father who has thirsty children, playing hide and go seek with His thirst-quenching grace. He has made known the means of receiving this soul-satisfying, soul-sustaining grace. This is what Chad Harrington’s article “The Means of Grace” is all about.

At first the idea of “specific means of grace” may seem cumbersome or rigid. But the fact that God has established means of grace can be liberating. And not only has He established them He has freely communicated and revealed what those means are. So if your soul feels like my parched 4-year-old son’s mouth, run to these means of grace, whether they are what you want them to be or not is irrelevant. If you want to be satisfied and have rest for your soul (Matthew 11:28-30), run to these overflowing wells of grace.

As always be with the Lord’s people (a means of grace, by the way) on the Lord’s day. And know that I’d love to hear your thoughts on the means of grace. Which one have you found most refreshing over the years? Have there been ones that meant more to you at certain times or circumstances of life?

Until Next Time…

Photo by Cici Hung on Unsplash