“5 minutes guys!” It seems like I am yelling this out every day of my existence as a parent. Honestly, it’s normally more than once a day. Whether it be in the morning when we need to get out the door for school, or in the evening when we have a practice or get-together we need to be at, my “it’s time to go” voice is routine. But it’s not just weekdays and evenings I can be found hollering “let’s go, we’re gonna be late”. Sundays have the same experience. Why must I encourage (and be encouraged) to get out the door on time?

I like to be early. Ask my wife and she will tell you, in my head if we are not at least 5 minutes early, I feel like the world is coming to an end. I hate being late (and on time for that matter). To be early is to be on time. At least that’s how I see it. If something starts at 6pm, I want us to be there no later than 5:55pm. There are various reasons why I like to be early, but many of them have to do with people. I like people and to be somewhere on time means less time I get to spend with people. Sunday mornings are not different.

This is a small, practical way to love our neighbor.

Jacob Crouch

I get it. Sundays are part of the weekend. A time to relax, unwind, get other projects done, and sleep in. But Sundays are different. For centuries the church has gathered together on Sunday mornings to worship, encourage, exhort, and fellowship with one another. That is the entire purpose and goal of the Sunday gathering and it doesn’t just start when the preaching does. This is one point Jacob Crouch makes in his article, “Four Reasons to Be Early to the Sunday Gathering“. And I think he has some good appeals for why we should attempt to show up to church early Sunday mornings.

Are you an early or late person? Do the other type of people annoy you? What aspect of Jacob’s articles encourages you? What about it is challenging? As always I’d love to hear from my readers. Hearing from you makes me a better writer, but also helps me learn from others. So leave me a comment or shoot me an email. And as always be with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day.

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